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Side lift stand for a 1999 Fireblade?


New Member
I'm looking for a bit of advice about side lift stands.
I own a 1999 Fireblade and I keep the bike in a garage but its a tight fit in the space I have for it.
I can't seem to find one that will fit my bike, does any one actually make one for my bike.
Any ideas.



New Member
Hi Iain
It's this kind of stand


If this link doesn't work, go to YouTube and look for "black widow side lift stand"
It should come up then, there are a few versions of this kind of stand but they are quite expensive.
It's a stand the lifts the whole bike off the floor in one movement by slotting in to the frame in the centre of the bike, the stand is on coasters so once the bike is lifted you can move it any where you like.