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Rerouting Exhaust to under-tail


New Member
Has anyone converted the exhaust to under-tail?
How did you route the pipe?
Getting over/around the swingarm is my problem in still maintaining good flow.
So stopped here to see if someone has already beaten my headache..
At this point I figure someone has to have done it successfully and could tell me the best way to run the pipe, and show some pics of it actually done.

Im also preparing to swap stock swingarm for an 04 Triumph Daytona 955i single sided swingarm as my spring project.(in the process of getting a parts-bike for my Daytona, I figure after another 6mos taking up space in his garage, his price will be more reasonable):yo:.

So I might have to redo/undo the exhaust mod next spring. But its something I'd like to do now for this bike.