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New Memeber looking for some advice.


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Hi every one, new member here.
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this so fill free to move this if need be.
I've finally took the plunge and bought my self a 1999 Fire Blade.
20,226 miles, Alarm system, Data tagged, full service history and at what I considered a fair price.
Been seriously looking for a good secondhand example since last Xmas and 2 weeks ago I found one.
It's now safely stored away in my nice new shed in the garden and to say I'm a Happy man would be an understatement.

I've not actually owned a bike for the last 10 plus years (due to work and family commitments) but over the last few summers I used to hire a bike when the urge to have a bike again just got too strong, mostly GSXR1000s or fire Blades (2005 onwards) but always promised my self that one day I'd own one of those "Blades".
I've always had a thing about the older model (1999 and earlier) since it first came out so that's the one I went for once I started looking to buy one.
Any way that's enough about me so here's my 1st question.
I would like to fit some kind of mounting bracket to hold my SatNav (TomTom XL) in place, I've found a mounting system from a firm called "RAM", I'm thinking that the fork stem mount seems the better option at the mo, just wondered If any one out there has used this kind of mounting system
or has any one got any advice as to how to mount the SatNav in a waterproof case.
Any advice or suggestions would be greatly received



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Thanks for the reply Spikeywan.
That looks like the strem mount I've been looking at but as for the waterproof satnav holder, it's on ebay but don't think it's a Ram product.
Still fits on to the 1" ball joint mount.



God is busy, can I help?
Welcome dude :beer: Got any photos of your Blade? I assume your sat nav is not waterproof then?


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Apologise for the delay on the photos.

Hi Blue-rider.
Sorry for the delay in replying to your questions.
Been out on my bike as much as I could (work permitting)
I've attached a photo of my bike (plus my new 1jac bikelift)
I've stuck with my 'car' tomtom XL satnav up till now using Ram fittings to attach it to the bike but I'm thinking of going for a Garmin zumo 350LM now.
I tried using a 'waterproof 'aftermarket case for a while, it kept the satnav dry but the case just kept misting up.
I tried a few anti misting products but they only seem to last for a short while then just gave up, also had trouble seeing the the screen in bright sunlight.

That 1jac bikelift is a lovely bit of kit, it makes storing my bike away so much easier now.
I placed an order at this years Excel bike show, got great service and a great bikelift too.