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Michelin Power Pure tyres

Sideways Simon

New Member
Has anyone used them? Running Power 2ct's at the minute, but need both replacing. Reviews look good. Do they suit the blade? What sort of mileage etc? Not a super quick rider, and will do some motorway trips this year. Got about 6000-7000 out of the rear 2ct.


New Member
Do you ride in the wet?

Unless your name's Marquez, Sports touring rubber would be better, surely.

  1. Metzeler Z8 Interact
  2. Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart 2
  3. Michelin Pilot Road 3
In that order of preference. They're like wets!

'The Man' from MCT Suspension told me that they'll give 95% of the performance of a grippier tyre in the dry, and 200% in the wet.

Obviously, if you're using that last 5% of a 2CT, and only ride in the dry... :help:

Sideways Simon

New Member
Do ride in the wet. Really want Michelins. Had Pirelli and Bridgestones before and hated them. Pilot Power 3 would have been my second choice, if they do them in a 190, mcn don't list a 190 though. Pilot road 3s look like a bloody tractor tyre :vomit:

Mr Mass

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I have a 2009 Fireblade (from new) and have had a number of different makes of tyres on it; currently Bridgestone B16 pros . I am about to change and was considering Michelin Pilot Power 3. But having seen your letter and having done some research, I will opt for the Metzeler Z8 as recommended by one your replies. I cant find a negative review of this tyre. Most of my riding is done in the dry, but I do encounter the wet sometimes, hence the stability factor the Metzelers give.
Plus I reckon they will be good for knee-down!!


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I tried a set of Power Pures. They grip like buggery but the fronts are ultra sensitive to pressure......if you lose a coue of psi it feels horrible around slow corners.....so horrible you'll wonder what the hell is going on.

I'm just about to put a new set of Pilot Power 2CTs on mine. They are always stable and brilliant. I'd try the Pilot Power 3s but the PPs are cheaper now. :)