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few bits wanted


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hey peeps im looking for some bits n bobs if you can help
1. new or nearly new tyres (recomendations) or if you have some for sale:)
2 some standard mirrors
3 a nice race can (must be good condition)
4 rear sets
5 or any spares or upgrades for a rrw 1998 blade the spares are just to keep to one side but 1.2.3.and 4 needed im not rolling in cash so if any one has any at decent prices pm me please or post what you have got:)


Duo prae IV
Tyre wise ,depends what you want ,you can get sets of scrubs cheap ,if you swapped your front to a 17" wheel.
Not straight forward but possible on the RRW see Taz's guide.


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It's actually Russ that did the conversion guide for the RRW/RRX, I just followed it. :p

I'd do the conversion, if it's not already been done. It makes very little difference to the handling (that I can feel anyway) but it gives you vastly more tyre choice (especially, as 5parky points out, scrubs for track day use).

Which tyres to use depends in what you're going to be doing and whether you've had the conversion. If you've not had the conversion I'd probably stick with BT016s myself.


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Wouldn't it just be easier to use the front end off a different bike?

ISTR Fink discovering that all Honda front ends are interchangeable.


Duo prae IV
Spikey ,take into account the cost.
Did my rrv for 100 quid for a set of vtr wheels (wont work on rrw)
A whole new front end brakes and wheel may cost a lot more.


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the cbr400 rr im sure it was a later one but the wheel slotted straight on my bro in law swapped his 16" blade wheel over with his wifes 17" 400 wheel