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Buying and Selling on Bikers Oracle

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Ladies and gentlemen.....:)

Some members who, I suspect, are unfamiliar with the Bikers Oracle rules in respect of buying and selling have recently made posts offering items for sale, in response to members requesting parts. I have deleted these posts in line with rules which we operate here on BO in respect of buying and selling.

All trading of bikes, other vehicles, parts, accessories and miscellaneous items should take place in the forums of Oracle Central. The forums there are pretty comprehensive and you should be able to find one which is appropriate for the item which you wish to buy or sell.

In order to login to Oracle Central, you'll first need to Register on there, using exactly the same details which you used when you Registered here on Honda Fireblade Owners Club.

Registered Users can make Items Wanted posts in Oracle Central and similarly can reply to these posts made by other members, both Registered Users and Forum Sponsors. Items for Sale posts can be made by Forum Sponsors and Registered Users can also post on these threads if they wish to purchase the advertised item.

For further and full information about using the For Sale and Wanted forums on Oracle Central, please read Wiz's Posting Etiquette.

In order to upgrade your membership to Forum Sponsor, click on the Sponsor the Club link on the top left of the page. This will take you to the Bikers Oracle Shop where you can purchase your chosen level of Sponsorship. Sponsorship will allow you to access all the facilities both here on Honda Fireblade Owners Club and on Oracle Central. Super Sponsorship will also allow you to access the full range of facilities on all the Bikers Oracle sites.
Not open for further replies.